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Precision Diagnostic Services, Inc. (PDS) collaborates with healthcare facilities and communities to establish much-needed programs for sleep disorders. Whether a community hospital, regional clinic, or large health system, we can serve you.

With PDS as your partner, you can offer full-service diagnostic capabilities within your facility. Using a collaborative business model, PDS provides expertise and support while you provide the sleep center facility. To help you establish a sleep program, PDS provides consultation, equipment installation and staff. The ongoing partnership uses a telemedicine approach. This approach allows PDS and partners to communicate in real time, while also providing a rapid turnaround of results.

Using state of the art digital technology, PDS has grown to be one of the largest providers of sleep disorder diagnostic services to health care facilities in the country, all while maintaining dedication to customer service.

PDS' corporate based North Dakota Center for Sleep is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM).

Become a partner for success. Your patients will thank you.

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